Mom’s Day Off?

This morning I was thinking…. I am going to take today off – kind of a private Mother’s Day Celebration! 

Kids are at school & with their dad today.

Jerritt is at work. 

House is quiet. 

The dog and I can lay in bed all morning, sip coffee, watch last nights Grey’s Anatomy & whatever else….  I can take a day off from worrying about job applications, cleaning house, getting anyone to practice, or games, or whatever…. I don’t even have to cook dinner tonight, because I am the only one eating (snacking, whatever)!

I mean – best Mother’s Day gift ever, right?!?

Then mom-reality sets in…. I need to at least go to the store. We need coffee (seriously NEED), I need snacks for Nate’s last regular season little league game tomorrow, we have people coming over this weekend – so I need to do some cleaning…. 

So while my fantasy of taking a whole do nothing day will have to wait – I am going to at least give myself a lazy start to the day! 

Hope you have a great Friday my friends! Be sure to make some Mama’s day a little brighter this weekend…. she deserves it (trust me)!

#CrazyLikeAMother #IWokeUpLikeThis šŸ˜‚


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Crazy, passionate, creative, and extremely flawed mother of teen twin boys. Far from perfect, but always able to laugh at myself... I am Marketing Project Manager for an absolutely AMAZING produce company by day (while facilitating distance learning for the kids).... and an exhausted mom, all the time.

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