Take it From Me

Hey you…..yeah, I’m talking to you –

You children on the cusp of official adult-hood. Specifically the ones who started their senior year of high school this week….. I am talking to you.

This is your year. This is a year that is a lot of lasts, but the start of a lot of firsts. This is the year to make the best memories with your friends, and to really grow.

I know you have a lot of pressure right now – you are supposed to know where you want to go to school. You are supposed to know what you want to do for work for the rest of your life. You are supposed to know who you are. You are supposed to be responsible and earn good grades, and keep striving. Study hard. Work hard. Be the best at sports. Do it all, and keep a good attitude, please. No pressure, just be the best.

Here is the deal. I love so many of you. I have watched you grow from little babies in preschool, t-ball, elementary school, baseball, football…. I have seen your friendships with my nephew grow and change (as all of you have). I have cheered you all on at school functions and sporting events (and I will still, every opportunity I get). Whether you are going to a 4 year college, junior college, trade school, joining the military, taking a gap year, or going to work – I am proud of whatever it is that you choose to do next. I am a little teary-eyed, seeing all the first day of Senior year posts, and I am so insanely proud. But I am writing to you today, to let you know a couple of very important things….

FIRST of all- Have fun. Seriously. This last year of high school is an end of an era for you. Please, take part in all the school stuff, even if on the surface it seems lame – make it cool. Grab your buddies and go. Every sporting event you can to cheer on your classmates. Every rally, every dance, every senior trip…. every single school related event. It’s your last chance to make memories in high school – don’t waste it thinking you are too cool.

Part of having fun this year means making sure you are surrounded by the right people. This is a lesson that some adults can’t even fathom. If there is someone who constantly drags you down or sets you off – create some distance. You don’t need to be a dick about it, but you don’t have to carry the burden of others. It can be a girlfriend/boyfriend, or just someone you have grown up with – you are responsible for you. No one else. If someone is in trouble, you can be there for them, and get them help – without bearing the weight of their burden. Say it with me #ByeFelicia….

SECOND – Make good choices. The pressure you all are under is unreal. It is different than it was 20-30 years ago…. and even then, believe me when I say that your parents, and our friends still did not make the best choices. Some of us are lucky to have survived. I lost so many people in high school to poor choices and bad luck. I understand the need or want to blow off steam. I know how peer pressure works. I forgive you for getting into situations that you don’t know how to handle and occasionally make the wrong choices. You are young, and you are just figuring shit out – here is what I need you to know – you don’t have to get through this alone. You can call your parents, your friends parents, CALL ME. Any time, day or night – if you need help – I will be there. I would rather get you home safely to deal with whatever consequences, than to console my friends with the loss of their child.

LAST – you don’t need to have life all figured out. I am 41 years old, I am still working on me. I know that adults in your life don’t often admit it, but sometimes we are flying by the seat of our pants. I often look at my kids and my house and think – “Who the hell left me in charge?!?” It is okay to follow your dreams and adjust them along the way. It is perfectly normal to be unsure about what you want to do. The only thing we need you to choose right now is to be happy.

Every day, for the rest of your life – you are in charge of your happiness. That doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect. That definitely doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges and heartbreak. It is how we grow. It shapes us into who we will ultimately be. You can’t control everything, but you can control how you react. You can choose to be happy, and not be a victim of your life. And only you can choose that.

I made some of the absolute best memories in high school. I am still friends with so many that I spent those years with – and even when we don’t get to see each other much (other than through social media), they are tried & true friendships that are just as solid as a family bond. We made mistakes. Most importantly, we survived.

I am not kidding when I say that I am here for you. I will keep you safe. I will help you through. I will help carry the burden so that you can enjoy this last year of high school and prepare to start the rest of your life with a full heart and memories and friendships to carry you through. Use your phones to capture the moments, but then put them away. Be present and soak it all in.

I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do this year! You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back!

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Crazy, passionate, creative, and extremely flawed mother of teen twin boys. Far from perfect, but always able to laugh at myself... I am Marketing Project Manager for an absolutely AMAZING produce company by day (while facilitating distance learning for the kids).... and an exhausted mom, all the time.

2 thoughts on “Take it From Me”

  1. My favorite blog post so far. I hope those who need you get this message. As a life long friend, I know you don’t judge, and that this whole blog is nothing but the truth. Love ya Lins 💕


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