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Y’all…. what the hell is going on?!? No seriously. What is wrong with people? There are two major things going on right now, and yes – I have been sharing some of the memes that make me laugh, and I make light of some of the issues – but I am legit scared, worried for those who don’t have a tribe, and perplexed at what is going through people’s minds and hearts right now.

So yeah. There is a nasty, fast spreading virus (Corona-19). It is carried from person to person, can be prevented through good hygiene, minimizing contact/large gatherings, and is of course a bigger risk for those who are immunocompromised. It’s a big deal.

I feel like it is important to document this craziness, because if you are near my age – we have lived through a lot of scary outbreaks. Every couple of years, there is some nasty virus that always puts folks on edge – but I have NEVER EVER seen this sort of panic.

First of all…. why do y’all need to be told to wash your hands? And how to wash your hands? If that was an issue for you – you need to take this life lesson and keep up the practice. Please. And ew.

Schools are closed (all over). Sports are suspended or maybe cancelled. Businesses are being asked to shut down. Restaurants asked to cap capacity and encourage “take out” options. Folks of a certain age have been asked to self quarantine. My office has encouraged us to work remote (and I am so freaking thankful to work for a place that not only allows that, but cares for the well being of each of us and our families). I get it. I appreciate it. Flatten the curve, slow the transmission. The term “social distancing” is thrown around. All of it done with the intention of really allowing our infrastructure to treat and get us out of this pandemic. While I make light of needing the bars open, since my kids aren’t in school (and I am only sort of kidding about that) – I do understand that this illness is a reason to be concerned and careful with the health and wellness of those around us.

Here is where y’all have lost me (aside from the fact that hand-washing is new)…..WHY ARE YOU GUYS HOARDING EVERYTHING FROM THE STORE?!?!?!?

First of all – toilet paper? Why? It isn’t a stomach virus. Why??? Seriously, I am dying for someone to explain it to me. I have been to every store in Hollister, multiple times, and I cannot buy a pack of toilet paper ANYWHERE. Can’t even order it from Amazon. What in the HELL is going on?

And then the water. And then the Lysol. And then the bleach. And now – pretty much everything. It’s fucking ridiculous and very, very scary. We literally got up and went to the stores at 6am this morning and not only was there a line, but there was slim pickings on the shelf. Y’all, I wasn’t looking to stockpile for the world end – I am trying to feed my family for the week (and HELLO – I now have tweens at home ALL flipping day).

I was talking to my kids about what is going on, feeling them out to see if they had any questions or concerns (you know that thing that parents do, where we pretend like we know what we are talking about)… well, actually… my conversation started with this:

Exhibit A

For some reason (maybe before all the wide-spread panic) set in… one of my lovely children threw this roll of toilet paper away. Are you kidding me? Anyways, I guess the back story there was that Kev threw the roll at Nate in the shower one day… and well, I wish I wasn’t scared to run out of the stuff, because that is the kind of shenanigans that should be taking place with toilet paper. Its funny, until it’s not.

Anyhow… they aren’t super concerned. Nate is bummed about baseball. We are concerned with Cooperstown in August. Kev is worried that the teachers will be putting together packets to be worked on while they are not in class (please, please, please)…. Here is what stuck with me – Nate had gone to the store with his dad, and saw people with their carts piled high – the person in front of them buying over $1,000 worth of groceries. He was sort of disgusted with her, and felt she was super selfish. Part of me was like – hell yeah, that is ridiculous! But the other side, the one that wants to believe that I am raising my kids in a world where there are good, kind people…. tried to explain it in a way that was a little lighter – maybe she was buying for loved ones that couldn’t come and get their own? He wasn’t buying that line of crap, but I had to put it out there. I hope that at least some of these folks are doing some good.

Since I have already ranted for this long, let me end with some good stuff too… We live in a gated community, where there are several residents that are at the high risk age group. Several friends and neighbors come together to put out a flyer that offers help to those who cannot (go get groceries, whatever) – giving a name and phone number of each amazing person who is willing to help. So awesome to see the good that is out there! The boys and I helped hand out flyers and other neighbors (kids and adults alike) got out there on a rainy afternoon and help spread the word. What an amazing thing for those who don’t have a tribe nearby, to know that there are neighbors who care.

I know… they aren’t wearing helmets, but we were just slowly cruising down the street. And, let’s not forget I am M.O.T.Y….

So please friends near and far…. take care of yourself. Take care of others. Be cautious but not fearful. Be supportive. Breathe. Have fun (seriously – if you aren’t hanging out with people that make you laugh and smile, find new people). Call or come talk to me. No agenda. No filters… we can talk about how fucking scary the world is and find a way to laugh until we aren’t scared anymore. I’ve got your back (even if it is from a “social distancing” situation).

Have a drink (or a few). Do some cartwheels in the yard. Eat good food. Meditate. Exercise. Don’t be an asshole. Be a good neighbor. We will get through this… some way, some how – and hopefully what comes out on the other side of it is a better place to raise my sons.

#CrazyAsAMother #YallAreNuts #PleaseStopThePanicBuying #WashYourHands #MakeKindnessViral

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Crazy, passionate, creative, and extremely flawed mother of teen twin boys. Far from perfect, but always able to laugh at myself... I am Marketing Project Manager for an absolutely AMAZING produce company by day (while facilitating distance learning for the kids).... and an exhausted mom, all the time.

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