Why is this still an issue? A topic of discussion? Why do politicians think that they should be allowed to make laws with regards to choices that affect my health – whether it is physical or psychological…. If it’s my body, WHY THE FUCK isn’t it my choice?

Based on the way several states are ruling, I would be a criminal. Because I chose to have a medical procedure, that saved my life & likely the lives of my boys – I could have been criminally prosecuted.

Regardless of your “beliefs” – religious or otherwise…. Why can’t you agree that it is an individual’s right to choose? Why should your morals affect my life?!?

Look. I’ve been through the ringer. I’m not “pro-abortion”…. But I also know that not all pregnancies are created equal. I KNOW this. I have lived this.

I wanted nothing more, than to be a mother. There was no accidental pregnancies in my life. There wasn’t an easy path to a planned one. I didn’t get to take a home test and do a cute little surprise to my husband. I got a defective reproductive system, a ton of heartbreak, medical intervention & finally two ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING KIDS!

Funny how “the government” won’t move to cover something like infertility as a mandated thing with insurance (I mean, a woman’s body is supposed to be able to reproduce, why is it not a medically covered issue to “fix”?!?) but then they want to make laws that prohibit the medical termination to a pregnancy for whatever the reason…. I don’t have a right to get pregnant, but then I don’t have a right to end it either?!?

I am one of the lucky ones. Might be hard to believe, based on what you have read so far…. But I am truly thankful. I didn’t even have to go as far as IVF to get my boys. I am not minimizing what I went through, but compared to what others experience, I am lucky.

When we found out I was pregnant, we were shocked to learn that I had 5 little miracles! But also 5?!?! Holy cow! Even the doctor was shocked…

I lost 1 little love in the 8th week. We were counseled on the risks of carrying quadruplets. There was less than a 20% chance that any of the babies would be born “developmentally normal”, and there was a high risk I could die during the whole process….. so yeah – exciting one minute, terrifying the next.

They talked to us about selective reduction. According to the cave-man style of thinking that seems to be on the rise… this would be a crime.

I won’t go into details about the procedure, you can look it up. But they asked us (me) to carry for a full trimester, so they could determine if there were any two that were stronger, more viable. Any two that appeared to be bigger, thriving. There was very little emotional comfort from these medical specialists – they knew i was making the best medical choice… they gave me all the stats. Just facts and procedures. Just the best medical care and outcome they can offer.

The heartbreak was all mine. I tried for so long to be a mom. I struggled with giving up two of my miracle babies in order for two others to have a really great chance at survival. That night I had some bleeding, and I panicked…. I just knew I was being punished by a higher power for making the choice I made…. My heart was BROKEN!

I had a happy ending, starting nearly 15 years ago…. I delivered 2 healthy boys (still 10 weeks early), but wow – I have been blessed!

Imagine if I had been sent to prison because of this heartbreaking choice I made. Does that sit well with you? Does that align with your beliefs?

What if it was a young woman who was raped and it resulted in pregnancy. Does your religious beliefs mean she needs to carry that baby, that horrific reminder of her trauma? And then – what if your state then said that your rapist has a right to visitation with their child…. Does that sit well with you? Would that help you sleep at night?!? Because that is what is happening!!!

I don’t judge folk for what they believe. I fully think that your beliefs & morals should be whatever sets your soul on fire. But please don’t let your beliefs infringe on anyone else’s rights… if you consider yourself “pro-life”…. Be for the lives that people chose to live.

Seriously though…. 🤣

You never have to agree with EVERYONE, but respect the choices they make & their right to do so.

If you think there isn’t a minute where those 3 little souls aren’t weighing heavy on my heart, you are wrong. Just like you are wrong to think that your beliefs trump the medical needs of others.

Be kind. Always…..

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Crazy, passionate, creative, and extremely flawed mother of teen twin boys. Far from perfect, but always able to laugh at myself... I am Marketing Project Manager for an absolutely AMAZING produce company by day (while facilitating distance learning for the kids).... and an exhausted mom, all the time.

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