I’m So Old

Y’all…. I just came across a box that had all my high school yearbooks.

Let me tell ya… it hits 100% different, when you have twin boys who are sophomores. Like… WTAF?!? I don’t understand how I am old enough to have kids this old…

My ID, from my sophomore year…

Also….. I was into sooooo much trouble by this age. Are my kids hiding stuff from me (not likely, because I know SOME STUFF)…. But, what don’t I know???

We partied ( A LOT) in high school. By sophomore year – practically professional at being party girls… as the mom of boys – I worry….. sooooo much!

I mean, I had steady boyfriends through the majority of high school…. But as a group, we had seen some shit!

We always crashed at someone’s house – wheither we partied there or not… it was often my house, because my dad drank too much to notice… but somehow we all survived.

As the mom of two boys who are now the same age as my craziest phase… I am fucking terrified!

We did a lot back then…. Oh – the stories I could tell…. I made the best of memories, with the best of friends.

A lot of folks would never go back to high school…. I would. I had the best of friends, who gave me the best memories. Those closest to me are still in my day to day life.

As a mom…. I hope that my kids have those kinds of friendships. I hope that they are making the kind of memories that still warm my heart. I hope that they are safely exploring those things that make those high school years exciting….

More than anything… I hope that they always know that they have me in their corner: I hope that they remember that they should call me, no matter what (and trust me, all the closest friends have my number)….. I hope they have the most fun these years, but know that momma is in their corner.

High school was a whole freaking weird experience for me. As a mom of twins, I oddly see myself in both my boys… Kev is so academic & does band – I did advanced placement & honors classes… got good grades, despite the fact that I was a slacker… and music was my saving grace! Choir, Jazz Band singer, national anthem singer at games…. That was a huge part of my whole 4 years. Then we have Nate. He is VERY athletic (which was always a no for me)…. But he is my party kid… and I am weirdly okay with it. He is my social guy…. loves with his whole heart… close group of friends. He is the male version of me…. And that is amazing!

I am still sooo close to many of my favorite friends from high school…. And I wish the same for my boys. I hope that right now, they are making memories with kids who will always be in their corners.

I hope they are making memories & experiencing things that will stay with them form many, many years. I hope that they get in just enough trouble to learn some limits. I hope they have so much fun… it outweighs all the stress that comes with being a teenager – because it is not the same as it was for us.

Nate & his girlfriend & besties….
Kev & one of his besties… He doesn’t let me take pics often…

Y’all…. It’s a whole lot. To remember what we did & survived… and to be trying to raise a couple of kids through it – it’s HUGE!

Those of you, with younger kids….. just hold on to your butts! The crazy is coming & I wish y’all the best!

Best years….

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Crazy, passionate, creative, and extremely flawed mother of teen twin boys. Far from perfect, but always able to laugh at myself... I am Marketing Project Manager for an absolutely AMAZING produce company by day (while facilitating distance learning for the kids).... and an exhausted mom, all the time.

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  1. Don’t be telling too many of our secrets… I am thankful every day that there was no such thing as cameras on phones, and social media!

    Love you, Lins. 💋

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