holding my breath

I am not an anxious person by nature. I try to go with the flow and not stress about things that I cannot change. However this week, this month, most of this year has me in a nearly constant state of panic.

Today is Election Day 2020. Hopefully all of you who can vote have done so (or are planning to do so today). I know it might feel like it doesn’t matter, but it really does. If I had to guess, we will be seeing the opportunity to review the actual numbers of this election in more detail than ever before. The political unrest of this year is something our grandkids will read about in history. The culmination of this hate fueled campaign season is coming to a close, and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. And no matter which way it goes, I am terrified at how this country will react. Let’s face it, y’all…. this country has gone bat-shit-crazy (and not in a good way at all).

I think being the mom of teenage boys (who have VERY opposing views) has heightened my anxiety about this election. Let’s face it – you cannot believe most of what you read/see/hear on the news & especially not social media. As a mom, I FULLY encourage my kids to believe in what they believe in – they do not need to follow my beliefs, they do not need to agree with me or with each other – my job is a lot harder than that. I try to teach them to not believe everything on the surface. To really research the things that they “learn” to build their opinion on… most importantly, I have to teach them to be respectful of people who do not agree with their feelings – and learn to discuss in a productive and informative way. You should know this is hard, because we all can name off a whole slew of adults who are not capable of this.

Part of me is really happy to see that the American people are so passionate about their beliefs, because damn it – we should be! But then you try to get to the heart of why people are so adamant about one thing or another, and in this age of instant gratification and biased news sources, we have largely become a society of angry people that are hanging on to opinions that have been pushed on them without any true and logical reasoning. And man…. it sucks!

Generations before us were raised to not talk about politics, religion or sexual orientation… because it causes discomfort and conflict. What they should have been taught (and subsequently, WE should have been taught), was how to have a discussion with someone you do not agree with, in a way that is not argumentative and hateful… but to be informed, know how to listen, and how to share your own views clearly and respectfully. (Read that last part again, let it sink in)….

What example are you setting for your kids? Are you bashing all the supporters of the opposing candidate? Are you constantly talking about how awful that “other” candidate is? Or are you providing your kids an environment where they can form their own (informed) beliefs and express them in a healthy way?

I absofreakinglutely LOVE that my kids are interested in politics. I love that we can talk about the issues, and both sides of situations. It doesn’t always go well, but I try to never squash the conversation. In no way do I want my kids to be raised in a one-size-fits-all world. As twins, they have as much right to be on opposing sides of any situation (and they take full advantage of that daily).

It really is what I love about being American. We are given the freedom to use our voices and propagate change. The outcome of this election will be what it is. All we can do is hope that all of these passionate Americans cast their votes to make their choices known (it always baffles me how many people complain about the outcome, but don’t do their part)… The American people on one side or the other are going to feel despair, maybe even devastation & grief. If you are on the side that wins – celebrate, but don’t gloat and taunt those who are feeling the loss. The true American thing to do is to come together & get through it as a country… this hate and division has to stop.

My seriously cool new shoes that I found in the kids section….

We all need a little humanity. Before you continue to add flames to the fires of hate and division, imagine yourself in the opposing sides’ shoes. How would you feel? How would you want to be treated?

Y’all 2020 has been a total train wreck. Even our little hometown has become so cantankerous. Arguing about EVERYTHING from politics, to mask wearing – judging other people at every turn. It is heartbreaking! One of the things I have always loved about where we live, is that when push comes to shove, this community has always come together…. I am sad to say that I do not have high hopes this week (and will likely hide out with the family until the dust settles a bit).

I seriously hope I am wrong. Please, please – prove me wrong.

It ABSOLUTELY does not matter who I voted for, and who you voted for. It matters that we both have a right to vote in a way that sits well with our soul. Family, friends, neighbors and strangers…. I respect you as a human & hope the absolute best for you and your families. It costs me NOTHING to be considerate of your feelings, & wishing for your happiness does not detract from my own.

Here is my ask of all my fellow Americans, parents, citizens of the world…. Be strong. Be humble. Be compassionate. And please be kind. Never stop believing in what you feel is right, keep moving towards the change you want to see (in a respectful way). And as we are coming up on the end of a year we will NEVER soon forget, please keep in mind that everyone is struggling (even if you can’t see it on the surface) – and sharing a little love & kindness could be the lifeline they need to get through.

#DoYourPart #Vote2020 #StopTheHate #WelcomeToTheShitShow #CrazyAsAMother #BeKind #RaiseThemRad #IWillBeHidingInMyBlanketFort #HappyHourEveryHour #WakeMeWhenItsOver


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Crazy, passionate, creative, and extremely flawed mother of teen twin boys. Far from perfect, but always able to laugh at myself... I am Marketing Project Manager for an absolutely AMAZING produce company by day (while facilitating distance learning for the kids).... and an exhausted mom, all the time.

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